Another deadlog?

Cyberdebris. Diarydebris. Let’s see how soon this one  joins the scrapheap. Blogging seems sortof wholesome and cutting edge, but also just too much mafan. Facebook and BBC Asia Pacific are much more tempting for webcrastination. I’ve started and abandoned two blogs and half a dozen wikis, almost matching the dead journals collection. So yep pretty sure this sort of regular, disciplined, not-deleting-old-stuff, sticking-to-the-same-format type thing just isn’t for me. Or indeed for most regular (i.e. lazy, easily distracted, short-attention spanned) folks.

Nevertheless, three things prompted me to take another crack at blogging:

1) Mum’s new blog to keep track of back home:

2) Stumbling across a link to 钱烈宪要发言 (Prostate in Flames) by 徐来 (Xu Lai), the first time I’ve ever looked at a Chinese blog. What was the most recent posting? The guy was deliberately stabbed four hours before and is now in hospital!

3) Following links from above, come across Rebecca MacKinnon… then discover she teaches a Hong Kong U, where I’m studying at the minute!

Seems the stars for this month are aligned. I’m a brand new blogger, with all the zeal and idealism of the newly converted. Before my enthusiasm runs it course and burns out, here’s the links to blogs of friends I like to have a look at:

Juanjaime:  “better at guessing, hopeless at defining, argues a lot”

Sean:  “Intellectual Scribblings”

Emmi: “Life of an Emotional Cripple”

Niko: “Vonfuse(d) Me”

Also we have Mark’s “Cycling a Beerbike from China to Europe”.

And now back to the homework sheet on uncertainty and information. Due tomorrow morning. *Groan*.


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