An old beginning

Last night I met Vicky who was the year ahead of me at highschool, and is back in Hong Kong just for this week. She took me to the cinema to see “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Despite being very confused for about the first half hour, I loved it. It is a long while since I have been so moved by a film. And although the plotline being potentially very cheesy, in my opinion it managed to pull it off. I think what moved me the most was the love story – thinking of two people, meant for each other, but moving in opposite directions and only meeting in the middle for a short short while. Since about 10, I’ve been pretty cynical about “true love” etc, but to be honest there was something in this movie that really tugged at something deep inside me. It also really made me miss my mum – but she and my dad are coming in just a week’s time! No really that is one film I will watch again and again.  I wonder if it’ll end up being really really popular in China, like Forrest Gump…

Aside from watching Benjamin Button’s old beginning, I have also started mine: another blog (just like buses come in threes…) with the idea of forcing myself to do my flipping uncertainty and information course. Please don’t click on the link unless you have no life.


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