Parents in the Honk

Parents are here to visit. They arrived Thursday morning late, and I am just so happy to have them. I hadn’t seen them since last July, when I headed off to Yinchuan. It was the first time I was away from them for Christmas as well. And now they’re here for two whole weeks. Totally, totally amazing.

They’re staying in a wee flat in Sheung Wan on the 4th floor. Actually it’s pretty reasonably sized, though extremely white. Since there’s two bedrooms I’m sleeping here two. The first day they were pretty tired after the long-haul flight, but I still dragged them to Tsim Sha Tsui (for some reason I don’t really like calling it TST…) to see the light display and eat at the famous Pakistani restaurant in Chungking mansions. Friday evening we met up in the dinner for Thai food followed by whisky. Today we went shopping in Causway Bay, followed by Pizza Hut. A very concerned dad also got me to investigate a restaurant around the corner. 

It says something along the lines of: a) noodles etc… b) sandwiches, c) d) other kinds of food… e) HUGE photograph of grinning black dog! Bujillions of other dog photos stuck underneath. Mum reckons the woman just has an evil sense of humour. You see it turned out that she’s just really into dogs and those are pics of her dogs and her friends’ dogs, stuck up for all the word to see. Seems fair enough I suppose.

Of course I have eaten dog several times in China. Then in Yuanyang in Yunnan I swore I’d never touch the stuff again. Outside the bus station we saw a man beating a dog with a stick. He beat it harder and harder while it yelped and yelped. I remember thinking, if he’s not careful he’ll seriously injure or even kill it. Next thing it had fallen down dead. He grabbed it by the hind legs and dragged it into the shop behind – only then did I notice it said 狗肉店 (dog’s meat shop) in big letters. Weirdly enough I ended up eating dog later that same day (long story involving fishing using hands with Hani people  in their rice terrace paddies followed by lunch and rice wine) . But I’m trying to stay clear of it for the now. 

Anyways mum and dad are in bed now – I can hear dad snoring. And I’m about to go to. The bed here is ubersoft and big – takes up almost the whole room so the door doesn’t open properly. Considering I share a room at the uni, and in Kunming I slept on what was pretty much a sheet over a board or shared Annabel’s bed, this is total luxury! Tomorrow we’re going to be real tourists and head for the Big Buddha on Lantau (weather permitting) and since M&D get up insanely early I’d best be getting some sleep in. 

I really am so happy there here. And I feel like a small child again 🙂


One Response to “Parents in the Honk”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi Ellie,
    Love your blog (I’m an avid blog-reader but haven’t mastered the setting-up of my own yet!!)
    Didn’t read it to Frank – don’t want to give her nightmares when she is already being difficult about sleeping.
    Hope you have a great time with your MAD – is that like mad?! 🙂
    Auntie Sarah

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