My Museum Dream

Today we went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, which looks like the inside of a toilet from the outside, but has gorgeous panaromas of the harbour from within. Good collection of stuff including excellent exhibition on Ding Yanyong (丁衍庸) who I may now be in love with. Although he did die 3o years ago. This artist and promoter and teacher of art was born in Guangdong, educated in Japan, started his career in Shanghai, and ended up running off to Hong Kong and living out his days here after ’49. Although the exhibition ranges from Oil paintings to calligraphy and seals, my favorites are definitely the ink paintings.

Inspiration for his drawings from opera, classical literature, ordinary life etc

Inspiration for his drawings from opera, classical literature, ordinary life etc


This is a mix of East and West: inspired by Matisse and Bada Shanren, of classical Chinese ink brush and of cartoons. It reminded me of Quentin Blake and the Moomin Trolls – two of my childhood idols – and also of delicate Chinese silk or ink paintings seen in dusty museums. Full of character and life, simple and fresh, unpretentious and yet striking. Love love love it. 

Afterwards we were shattered, but luckily managed to find a comfortable Mr Tsang (our legislator) or two to have a nap-ette with. Nothing like chillaxing with the ruling class, brushing shoulders with the LegCo celebs. 


Tomorrow the parentals are leaving for Guangzhou for a few days, leaving me behind to catch up on revision for midterms next week. Deep joy 🙂


One Response to “My Museum Dream”

  1. Howard Says:

    Very cool painting, the character looks like he belongs in a Miyazaki movie.

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