Today was meant to be a study day, but I woke up late with a terrible headache, which just got worse and worse as I headed through the rain to Sheung Wan and back on a trousers mission. Usually don’t take painkillers but made a major exception and also drank about 3 litres of water. Lips still dry, head still hurting. Is it possible to get sugar-induced diabetes in the space of six days of eating too much salty liquorice? Most of day spent asleep (inc. bizarre dreams about plane crashes…)

So here’s a nice wee cheerup – a Chinese Santa on an ostrich! 

Don't ask

Don't ask



3 Responses to “Ostrification”

  1. Viv Says:

    Hey Ellie! Really loving the blog… haven’t read all of it yet, but love the tone of what I’ve seen so far. The ostrich photo especially made me smile! Also thanks for the link to the dog video.. legendary. 🙂
    Enjoy yourself and don’t let the exams stress you out too much!
    Lots of love,
    Viv xx

  2. Dick Says:

    Hi Elle Like Viv I am loving the blog, I particularly liked the Tropical storm piece. No point telling you how well you write; I now have you on my very selective google reader RSS so as not to miss an episode!

    I am listening to a CD from the guy on the link below and swimming in the whole sound, you might enjoy it

    Hope the head is better.


  3. elliepant Says:

    I’m really pleased that you guys like the blog 🙂
    let me know if you’re writing stuff into the cybervoid won’t you.
    Dick, thanks a lot for the link. I especially love “Poor Man’s Son”, know just what you mean about swimming.
    Hope you’re well. Also, I’m off facebook for the next few days. Got a friend to change the password for me as it was becoming a hindrance to studying!

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