Burping elephants

Was looking at Emmi’s blog (which seriously needs updated Emmi!!) and came across a link to something I wrote 3 years ago and didn’t delete. Now I’ve forgotten the username and password so guess it’ll be stuck out there forever!
The link is: http://burpingelephants.blogspot.com/ and it is – prepare to puke – poetry.
At the time I wrote this I was living in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province, Northwestern China. There were very few other foreigners and I didn’t really speak Chinese, so sometimes I felt quite lonely. Especially late in the evenings on weekdays when I should have been preparing classes. So bear this in mind if you read them. Also, they’re bad – I’m not going to bother apologising for that.
The only photos I can find from Yinchuan are stolen off facebook. Here’s me and Niko (he came to visit at Easter hurray!) “singing” karaoke.
Singing, or sleeping??

Singing, or sleeping??


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