One of those  I shouldn’t laugh but this is effing hilarious things. On the other hand Charlotte wasn’t that impressed, so perhaps there’s just somethign wrong with my sense of humour. 

What d’you think?


2 Responses to “OUCH!”

  1. Dick Says:

    This made me laugh and I am not sure why but it did! is Charlotte a cat person? A cat would never do this, they don’t fetch balls or scare sheep into going through a gate. The question in my mind is was the dog chasing something or was he being chased?

    Dreaming has to be a sign of higher intellegence don’t you think.

  2. Eunjoo Says:

    oh no. its funny. But somehow, i feel bad for that dog….what if it dies for hitting on the wall so hard…i hope it doesnt die….(what a conclusion to have. lol)

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