Well mum and dad left today. We had lunch at a small noodle-house in Admiralty – squid, chicken and pork. Then we went to the park to say goodbye. It was surreal sitting on a low bench beside a noisy fountain, with HK’s tallest sky-scrapers gleaming sleak and otherworldly behind, and knowing it’ll be five months or more until I see them again. We watched tourists playing in the park, a guy taking lots of photos, and M&D left me stuff they weren’t going to take… mainly guidebooks, coffee, and umbrella.

And then that was that. Photo, hugs, and me walking off to get my bus. Back to uni, cantonese exam… it’s almost as though they were never here, such a blip. I still can’t imagine that as I type this, they’re on a plane somewhere over Tibet. Given I’ve lived away from home for almost 6 years, I’m used to saying goodbye. But it never gets easier. I already miss them terribly. I wish mum was here tucking me into bed, giving me a big hug. Or I could share a “wee dram” with my dad and talk and talk. 

Instead, I’m alone in a dorm that stinks of instant noodles, trying to study for an econometrics exam. And reading (highly recommended) articles about procrastination on the internet (courtesy of Keren). I need to be a responsible adult and revise and pass exams and get a proper job and all that stuff. But Mum and Dad – I love you loads and loads. I love the childhood you gave me, the holidays I spend you. The phone calls, cards and emails. Photos, books, hugs and kisses. You. I know we have stupid arguments sometimes (about hair-flicking, studying, pronunciation, food). But having you as parents, I’m the luckiest daughter alive. 

Oops this wasn’t meant to be a really sentimental post. It just sortof happened. And now seems strangely mistitled!


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