(Girl! I’m gonna take you to a) Gay Bar

Well, he did. And it was my first time. 

Yup I somehow got to the age of 22 without ever having been to a gay bar. And it seems I had to come the whole way to Hong Kong. Dunno quite how I managed that – quite a lot of my friends back home are gay, and I’ve been asked a fair few times if I wanted to come along (eg to ego or something) but with one thing and another never made it. 

And it’s lucky that I’m fairly used to being the odd one out – i.e. from having lived in Ningxia etc where there’s v few foreigners. Because not only was I probably the only straight person there, but definetely the only female. But my friend’s pals were v friendly – though there was an initial facetious grilling:

“So are you lesbian, a fag hag, or a man in disguise?” 

And I did feel a wee bit awkward, because I know a couple of my gay friends back home aren’t always superkeen on nongays coming along and diluting the atmosphere. But it was fine, just like a normal pub/club, except without any manky guys hitting on you. Or any other girls. And my friend’s pals were really nice to talk to – in fact, one of the few places I’ve been in HK where foreigners and locals seemed to mix about completely freely without sticking into groups.

What did surprise me, was how despite inside being a big, packed bar (with some v tasteless (imo) projections of umchakka-redmen-in-leafy-hoops-and-thong-spinning-weird-stuff) on the wall, it was almost completely unnoticable from the street, and we had to push past several thick ceiling-to-floor curtains to get in. And apparently other ones are even more out of the way, hidden down dark alleyways. It may be a supercosmopolitan international trading and etc etc city-type-thing, but def not the most socially liberal. Outside certain circles anyway!

Anyways I’m not sure that “volume” (I think that’s what it was called) will me regular local haunt from now on, especially given the drinks prices. But glad to have been anyways – definetely a change from the monotonous teenage-expat machines of Lan Kwai Fong!


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