Post from Central Station

This may be the coolest place as yet that I’ve used internet – certainly the most interesting blog-post-site anyways. It’s quarter to one and there’s just one MTR train left to run,  but the gleaming underworld of the station is still buzzing. What a contrast with Sheung Wan where I finished my dinner twenty minutes ago. Manages to seem oddly spacious despite the low ceiling and handbag-red walls.

I just walked into town for the first time from where I live. I’ve walked to uni before which takes about 40 mins, but this was close to two hours (though admittedly a fair bit of that time was spent slurping down green-stuff soup and fishy-chilli noodles). But it is just one of those evenings, when the wind is gusting in from the sea, trees dance and skyscrapers squinter like fairly-lights, and a bus seems a waste of a journey. And springing through the floor of this tangly city, feet bouncing to the rhythm of skapunk (or whatever that music dorry downloaded for me) , I feel as much a part of it as the buzzing minibuses and the moonlight joggers.

Unintentionally, I’ve left my mark on Hong Kong’s landscape tonigth. Was so busy talking on the phone I didn’t realise I’d ploughed straight through a strip of freshly lain cement. Oops. My shoes have retained a crusty bit of the streets too.


One Response to “Post from Central Station”

  1. Dick Says:

    Hi once again I got my fix from our own correspondent, having read this I felt like I was walking along beside you with the taste of green chilli noodles in my mouth looking at a set in a David Lynch film and the gay bar was the next scene. Dick

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