Fobby behaviour

I’ve finally finished my midterms, which always seem much more stress than they’re worth. At night I couldn’t sleep, dreaming about econometrics textbooks loosing their pages like teeth, and invigiliators bearing a scary resemblence to Maggie Thatcher. 

But now it’s over 🙂 so there was much korean and japanese food, the beach, and Pokfulam Country Park. From there I snuck down an underused path to sit on a trigpoint which nestled between shrubs with an epic panorama over pretty much the whole of Hong Kong. For two hours I read Beijing Coma by Ma Jian (awesome book btw and topical this year), and watched until the sky muffling the islands into the sea, and the sedate highscrapers blinked into a funfair.

Here’s some pics taken by my friend at Repulse Bay (I don’t understand why it’s called that… perhaps a vague attempt by locals to keep away the hordes of darksuited mainlanders and lobsterstriped foreigners?) The pics are supposedly “Fobby”.

noomber 1noomber 2noomber 3noomber 4

noomber 5noomber 6noomber 7 noomber 8noomber 9“Fobby” apparently means “Fresh-Off-the-Boat” and refers to immigrants into the states who act stereotypically asian. Eg taking bujillions of pictures of everything while making v signs and laughing hysterically. Not sure I could count as this sort of FOB even if I did make it across the pond though (I’d probably be more of the bad-teethed, “cute”-accented, colonial/mediaeval-attituded type). Ach well. Now for some slesep.  

Update: apparently the pictures don’t seem to show up. Don’t worry, there are fifty million more. I will replace them I have an important assignment due the next morning.


2 Responses to “Fobby behaviour”

  1. Eunjoo Says:

    puhahaha, too bad the photos dont show up on my computer. Your example of FOB is totally us!! Are we that fobby? lol. We are just bounded to love taking photos and pose in front of photos, just adding the hint of cuteness and attention. And, you like it too right? (or not)

  2. watcat Says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

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