Intermission 为了 Rugby and Coldplay!

So that was my longest blogging hiatus yet. And yet I have returned. I surprise myself. When I started this blog, I never ever thought I’d keep going this long. And certainly never expected to be able to perform the revolutionary – to stop, and then start again. Reasonable excuse though for the last few days though 😉 First it was dissertation proposal time (as mentioned in last post infact). Result: IN. Also Econometrics assignment: IN. Continuing earproblem: 差不多 OUT. Plus 6-hour karaoke session, coldplay concert, and live at the rugby 7’s in Hong Kong, GET IN!!!

Rugby 7’s included v short games with 24 national teams and a lot of loud fans. I’d never even heard of it really until a few days before. Am now a convert bowing to the ground and begging to be brought in from the cold. Here’s some awesome snaps taken by Will who was visiting from Dalian, mainland China:

HKU students go bananas at the front

HKU students go bananas at the front

Can you spot me? My shoulder also ended up on the front cover of the China Daily. I’ll see if I can get it scanned it to prove it. Also, the tickets were a bargain for students – 50 HKD each for the first day, that’s about 4 pounds.

Look how full the stadium is!

Look how full the stadium is!

I was only at games on the Friday, they were pretty expensive for the weekend, but did get to watch Scotland “thrash” the USA (before getting knocked out by Kenya), and Canada lose to Samoa. Fiji won the whole thing, which my sister Viv will be pleased about since she used to live there and got quite into rugby at the time. 

The atmosphere the nights out after rugby was mad. My dutch friend said it was like carnival. Wan Chai and LKF were chokka with mostly expats dressing up and getting pink, while wearing costumes such as beer cans, fire fighters, spongebob squarepants outfits, or a boot. I’d never quite appreciated how anglophone rugby is – totally swamped with Brits, Australians, South Africans, etc. I missed the sunday nightout after the games had finished and the girls from HKU went out to try and find rugby players. However it is believed there was much success.

Look how close we were to the action!

Look how close we were to the action!

Working backwards, on Thursday night went to a friend’s post-birthday-karaoke. Small place, all-you-can drink included in the price. Four of us (who had class early the next morning) went for noodles around the corner first, and returned to find everyone else wasted. They all had to leave before us too – we stayed until closing 🙂 Here’s a rather waxworkesque picture from around 4am or so. It was followed by dim sum. 

Shame about the lack of dance moves shown :-(

Shame about the lack of dance moves shown.

But Wednesday too was pretty mind-blowing. Coldplay. Waaaaw. Used to listen to X/Y repeatedly while hiding on the balcony in Yinchuan and reading the song of ice and fire and agatha christie. I’d got the impression they were a bit twattish in real life, but now that I know them intimately following 2-hour concert at distance of 100 yards, I’m not afraid to admit I was quite, quite wrong. They put on a really good concert, obviously enjoyin themselves and trying to make it fun with lights and pics and randomness and yellow balloons and paper butterflies falling from the sky and running to the back of the 11,000 stadium to sing for others and self-deprecating comments and wowness. There may also have been some sign-stealing and losing. Nicked this photo from a friend who was closer to the action than us.

Heroworshipping at this best. Roll over Meatloaf ;-)

Heroworshipping at itsbest. Roll over Meatloaf.

I may have given the impression that last week was all fun and games. Ho ho ho. I would have included photos of (attempting to) study as well, but you would probably die of boredom, and my room is disgustingly messy at the moment. Now its back to the grind… apparently only 3-4 teaching weeks in Hong Kong left before exam period leave. WTF?!


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