Queen Mary’s Hospital Take II

It seems only yesterday that I was the patient, having “alien objects” firmly removed from the ear. Now, I’m back.

Actually this time the patient is my friend. But her condition is much more glamorous than mine! “Potential” tropical disease. Aiya. She and another friend arrived yesterday to visit from Kunming, having been travelling in South-East asia not all that long ago during Spring Festival. They were meant to spend three days of HK fun before returning to class. Well we’re certainly rising to the challenge of visiting unusual sights, i.e. the inside of my favorite 20-story white building, Queen Mary’s Hospital. The likelihood is she just randomly has a fever of over 40… but they’re keeping her in over night to make sure it’s not something more exciting such as Malaria. Given my Mum had malaria before, no chances will be taken. 

Not overly impressed with hospital system after said patient was made to wait four hours on a plastic chair in A&E, watching folk unloaded from ambulances and enjoying air conditioning which would make Shenzhen’s “Alpine dome” proud. I tried to entertain by recounting anecdotes from american internet sites… not sure this was very helpful. 

Until we came back at 6 or so, we didn’t realise quite how ill she was, as she’d wanted a nap and me and my other friend went out at 2 to let her rest. We mostly sightseed gastronomically – and for the palette of one living far from western comforts such as proper bread. Cantonese noodles with balls – fish balls, beef balls, tofu balls, dunnoquitewhatballs. “Choi” or green veg with some brown sauce. Egg custard pudding, DOU FU FAA! My totalfavorite (some day I will write a tribute entry specially). Dreadful Cantonese coffee. Ginger beer and good brown bread. Pain au chocolat, mango juice, roast fish sandwhich, and egg tarts. Lucky we gorged during the day as we didn’t get dinner cos we chilling in hospital.

Oh, I forgot to mention the face masks. They made all of us wear them! I’ve only really seen people wear them in Asia. At first I was told it was buddhists not wanting to accidentally swallow a fly. (I realise with hindsight I may have been gullible here). Then that it was for the pollution. Or from catching a disease. But in Hong Kong, it seems they’re mainly for sick people to not spread it. Public transport has signs saying “maintaing cough manners” with cute little pictures.


Apparently these characters are really famous but I don't know them

Apparently these characters are really famous but I don't know them

In the hospital and in other places, signs announce you must wear a mask i you have cough/fever/etc. Or if you’re with someone else who has. And so we sat there like dorks in our matching blue facemasks, speak no evil, speak no evil, and speak no evil. Sadly I didn’t get a picture – thought very sick friend wouldn’t appreciate paparazzi attempt and subsequent uploading to the infinite voyeurism of the web. 

Right well better get some sleep as heading back to the hospital early to see her. She’s being really brave and I so hope she feels better in the morn, so crap to be really ill and far from home in a new city having to mess around with airports and hospitals and locked residence buildings etc. I will fall asleep listening to the crickets from outside my bedroom window. Or is it electric wires…


3 Responses to “Queen Mary’s Hospital Take II”

  1. Ad Says:

    Just to point out your spelling mistake “FAVOURITE” not “favorite”! :p

  2. Ad Says:

    (And hope your friend gets better 🙂 )

  3. elliepant Says:

    Thanks for that Ad. I searched “favorite” to edit in the blog, but it came up too many times, so I decided not to bother. Praps I can argue that I’m just trying to blend cultures in a lovely brito-american-linguistic fusion? Please don’t answer that.

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