Best of the 80’s (danish children’s films)

Danish films are famous for being a bit whacko. Just think of the Green Butchers or Idioterne. But a link on my mum’s blog threw open childhood nostalgia for danish childrens films, and on revisiting with older eyes, I’m convinced their pretty damn special. Denmark has a long history of producing serious, funny, magical, understandable films for kids, which don’t shy from the harshness of reality, yet are full of random brilliance. Here goes three clips selected from the many I enjoyed while growing up in Copenhagen.

For starters, we have the mad walrus song from Samson og Sally, about two cute wee whales. Its a bouncy skat with background of ocean life being destroyed by nuclear waste. The film also features oil spills, harpooning, and other horrors of evil humans. Don’t worry if you don’t speak danish, the song is almost entirely in gibberish. And stay tuned for a twist at the end.

Next up a jazz song – this time from Fuglekrigen (The bird war), which was my favorite film for several years. This would NEVER have made it past the kiddy-censors in anglosaxon countries, methinks. (This can be appreciated from the visuals alone)

Finally, the opening section of Valhalla, total epic and translated into many languages included English. It’s a story of children in the land of the norse Gods, with some pretty scary bits. You can watch the whole film on youtube if you wish, complete with English subtitles. Go on, go on go on go on,you know you want to. We had to study norse religion for a couple of years at school, and I still remember lots of the stories. And do you know how many english days of the week are named after norse gods? If you’re pressed for time, skip to 3:40, this is where the real action starts!

It just occurred to me that all three chosen are cartoons. This isn’t entirely representative, since loads of good Danish kids films are life-filmed. If I had longer, I could go on and on… Snøvsen, Otto er et næsehorn, Gummi Tarzan… Fraekke Frida, Krummerne, Anton… What’s YOUR favourite 80’s (or 90’s, or any other ‘s) Danish film?

Also, I’m trying to remember the title of a film I saw in a cinema in Denmark around 1995, about a troll and a human who fell in love and completed some kind of troll ring that brought peace and love and some such… can’t find it anywhere!


5 Responses to “Best of the 80’s (danish children’s films)”

  1. greeneyed monster Says:

    Finally, here’s one that isn’t a cartoon! Remember the state of the living room after you’d danced around to this.

    And here’s a cartoon, unseasonal but will hopefully raise a smile

  2. Dick Says:

    Hi there if you get a chance go “see in the loop” swearing as an art form. How’s your friend and how are you ?

  3. oldskoolflash Says:

    Thanks for this, i’ve been looking for some Danish children’s film recommendations and this was really helpful, I have ordered the first 4 on DVD!

  4. Ellie Says:

    Glad if it was useful despite being 20 years out of date!

  5. Azure James Says:

    what about trolderik, my favorite? Lol

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