A new drumming

Yesterday I moved into my new flat, where I’ll be living until I leave Hong Kong in mid-July. It’s on Wilmer Street in Sheung Wan, and hardly the “flat of dreams” like the place I was before, but I like it. There’s almost two rooms – that is, the entrance area is separated from the place where the bed is by half a wall. There’s also a wee fridge, cooker and sink, and the bathroom opens onto the bedroom. No interent or desk or shelves yet (and a couple of ants, blargh) but methinks it’ll do me nicely.

It was as at 6am today that I discovered a new noise. Like rain in several layers – an orchestra of rain. In the background the whistling hum of speedy drizzle, the sortof stinging, irritating rain of a wet november morning in Edinburgh. I suppose this was water spattering the dirty concrete streets. But it was also the screeching of violins at tremolo. The next layer was deeper. . Not as frantic, but more like tropical rain in its weight, each drop taking a fraction of a second longer to explode at different pitchses. This may have been water running from the roofs and splattering on glass windows. But it was also the stacatto of a woodwind swirl.

But the new drumming, that was a hollow, tinny ping that clattered and rumbled like steelpan drums but arythmic, gunshot crakcs and salsajerks. Not as fast, but centre of attention. I cuddled my ears beneath pillow and duvet to hide from it, but finally in curiousity stuck my head out the window. From the back wall you can see air-conditioner boxes hanging out of each window. Some new and shiny, some more like a battered metal box at a dump. The rain slides off the roof and then rolls like a collecting of waterfalls leaping and dancing between the different air-conditioner boxes, each producing a different note. Plopping. The base of the orchestra. What a rain. I like it.


3 Responses to “A new drumming”

  1. Dick Says:

    bit like the Chatsworth waterfall where each step makes a different sound then 🙂 happy new flat

  2. ednisemre14 Says:

    MMM … hope you also hear the sound of the sun, whatever that might sound like! Can you organise a mini tour of the mini flat?

  3. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful piece of writing Ellie – I’m almost there with you! xxxx

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