New favourite songs

This is Zhang Chu 张楚 and his famous song sister 姐姐。It was very famous in China in the 90’s, at the height of the rock music popularity spike initiated by cui jian, tang dynasty et al. The rock of this time was gritty and earthy and windy, of displaced people in a new society, with political undertones. Western visitors lapped it up. Most people still preferred diabetes-inducing Taiwanpop etc. Nonetheless it is ensured a place in the historybooks and a continuing influence at the founding stone of chinese rock. Not this song or artist in particular. I love the plaintative chorus, the simple and poetical words, and the music video of old Beijing. 

Another Zhang Chu song in a rather different tone is 孤独的人是可耻的 – lonely people are shameful. It sounds like a sweet spring lovesong with an update violin swinging the rhythm along. But the meaning cuts darker and realler. I like it. He once played at Helan mountain in Ningxia near where I used to live, along with Dou Wei and He Yong etc. Would have been super to have been there. 


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