Map of Summer Travels

Thought it was high time I uploaded a wee map of where we went this summer.

china map

0) Guangzhou 1) Chengdu 2) Kangding 3) Tagong 4) Ganzi 5) Dege 6) Mannegange 7) Cishu/ 8 ) Yushu 9) Xining 10) Huatugou 11) Shimiankuang (asbestos mine) 12) Cherkliq/Ruoqiang 13) Cherchen/Qiemo 14) Hotan/Hetian 15) Middle of nowhere in the desert 16) Yarkand/Sochefu 17) Kashi/Kasghar 18) Karakoul lake/Kalakulihu 19) Turpan/Tulufan 20) Urumqi/Wulumuqi 21) Tianchi 22) Lanzhou 23) Yinchuan! Home sweet home.

btw extremely unimpressed that the stolen-off-google map names every province in China except Ningxia :-/


2 Responses to “Map of Summer Travels”

  1. Marc Says:

    Sweet route. It’s one of those must do trips once you have been in China for a while. Are you back in Europe ‘forever’ now?

  2. elliepant Says:

    It was really nice I just wish we had more time we had to miss so many nice places/go too fast. Back in Europe for a year, then we’ll see…

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