“The madness of pc and non-pc”

Warning: this post is pretty much crap and makes no sense. It’s an example of the horrible mess that occurs when stream-of-consciousness meets hysterionic metaphor posturing. But I don’t delete stuff unnecessarily.

Our country is at civil war.

It is a war of the politically correct versus the very much non-politically correct. The sheer anger, hurt, and opportunity of this war was highlighted once again last night, in our national edition of “Britain bashes the BNP”. The battle-lines are drawn right through the heart of our society. And whereas they move periodically across the full range of our old divisions, in the newspapers the last few days its been all about race. Well not really about race actually, but about what jokes we can or can’t make about race.

The pc wars of old swept through our greatest societal divisions, both those that have reasonable well healed: : north-south, anglo-celtic, protestant-catholic, and those which are still very much an issue: black-white, gay-straight, male-female. And perhaps greatest of all the divide between rich and poor (both economically or by emotional association), with its loosely connected right-left political compenent.

But the yingyang of the pc/non-pc warrior is two instantly recognisable stereotypes. On one side we have the pc-brigade, also known as the “smug twit”. Its opponents see the smug-twit as overwhelmingly lefty middle-class, whiny, hypocritical and small-minded, full of big words and small actions, with a passion for gestures and judging people. The smug-twit is not only out to wreck british society with its half-baked, spineless notions, but also to spoil everyone else’s fun with its pathetic squawking and witch-hunting about anyone who dares to tell a joke, or state the well-known fact that Britain is going to the dogs. Smug twit spends the weekends plotting how to let in as many foreigners as possible to destroy British culture.

On the other side we have the non-pc brigade, also known as “nasty git”, most well-known for hoarse rants about “pc-gone mad”. Divided into both “posh” and “down-to-earth” version, nasty git has smug twit in a pincer-movement from both sides. Generally seen to be very angry, obsessed with victorian values (the rich deserve to rule brittania and rule the world, the poor should put up, shut up, work hard, and be respectful), xenophobic, homophobic, mostthingsaphobic, but also horrible and uncaring: a favourite hobby is to watch orphans starve to death in the street while blowing up the planet.

It is true the battle-lines may seem clear as ever (well how much money do your parents give you a week?) and are clearly represented in the split in the media. With examples of “smug twit” or “nasty git” cartoons given below. But interestingly, yesterdays performance of “Britain bashes the BNP” brought out quite a few turncoats. This ranged from the ardent anti-benefits tories so delighted to announce that Nick G is a racist piece of shite and we should celebrate our multicultural Britain, to the high-horse vegetarian who is determined that Mr G be allowed to speak and be heard, and we shouldn’t get too hot under the collar over a bit of (ex) holocaust denial. What traitors to their cause!

But of course we’re all turncoats really. Inside, all of us know that much as the war brings us grief, the other side is right too. It may be hilarious to make jokes about vulnerable members of our society (well I certainly think it’s funny), but equally such jokes not only encourage complacency about the big challenges our country faces, but directly contribute to an atmosphere of discrimination, casual racism, alienation, and non-integration. Likewise, we may like to think that the issues brought up by the BNP stem purely from hatred, ignorance, betrayal, and blind manipulation. But we also know that the issues are real. Our society has many strengths and many problems. These include deep, ingrained and growing social inequality and lack of opportunity (with resulting symptons of “broken society”, or “social welfare problems” depending on your emotional ideology), and a very short-term attitude to serious environmental threats. We cannot solve these problems unless we are prepared to engage: seriously engage, in the most controversial and difficult of issues.

This includes taking the BNP seriously, and talking with them like adults. Not just heckling them and feelign smug about ourselves.

pc wc plod

*I’m aware this is a very messy piece of writing, with its metaphors, descriptions, satire and points all hopelessly mixed up. However I don’t have time to review it, so I’m posting it even though I suspect it doesn’t make any sense.


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